Unique warmth from
of the Arctic
pillows and blankets made of hand-picked eiderdown. discover the wonders of quality sleep
the heart
Unique warmth from
of the Arctic
pillows and blankets made of hand-picked eiderdown. discover the wonders of quality sleep
the heart
of a good sleep
We know
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the value
Auralis is a company producing sleep products made from the fluff of rare Arctic birds, famous for its amazing properties
We create
that turn
of renewal
and restoration
pillows and blankets
sleep into a ritual
we strive to convey how comfortable, pleasant and effective sleep could be.

this is a natural drem that can happen to you every day.
Blankets from our line are almost weightless. At the same time, they perfectly accumulate and retain heat. It is comfortable to sleep under them and pleasant to wake up.
The combination of softness, lightness and density makes our pillows incredibly comfortable and practical. the product repeats the curves of the body, which allows you to completely relax the muscles during sleep
Weightlessly soft.
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we create pillows and blankets from the fluff of eider and brant for deep restorative sleep
rare birds
Special fluff
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The fluff of eider and brant is part of a unique thermal protection that allows birds to feel comfortable in the harsh Arctic climate.
of exceptionally
Birds spend most of their lives in the sea and only a couple of months a year on land. They leave down in their nests, which we collect during expeditions.
Its entire volume can be placed in one truck. Today you are more likely to meet the owner of a premium sports car than the owner of a product made of Arctic bird fluff.
Every year, a very small amount of fluff is collected and processed all over the world.
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In the picturesque expanses of archipelagos in the White Sea eider builds its nests.
Every year our team goes on an expedition to these remote islands to collect fluff and get new scientific data about these amazing birds.
of the northern seas
on the islands
by hand
to nature.
With gratitude
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We manually collect fluff from the nests in the absence of birds and replace it with hay, which allows us to preserve the integrity of the nest, protect it from predators and contributes to the growth of the eider population.
and care for birds.
for people
With benefits
The best for
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a comfortable
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The fluff of Arctic birds combines two unique properties — the highest level of heat preservation and incredible lightness. Such characteristics allow us to consider this material the best natural filler for blankets and pillows.

Our specialists control the processing process at each of its stages: drying is carried out at a given temperature, and cleaning is carried out manually. This allows you to preserve all the precious properties of fluff.

Our pillows and blankets are sewn using our own technology from natural tencel, the production of which causes 100 times less damage to the environment than the production of cotton.

We sew our pillows and blankets by hand — which means we can guarantee the quality of each product.

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for you
Products that combine aesthetics, comfort and quality. Handmade, natural fabric and most importantly — soft and warm fluff.
that we
A natural
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every day
In the Scandinavian countries there is a concept of hugge — a sense of coziness and comfortable communication with feelings of well-being and satisfaction.
We develop this idea by turning an everyday little joy into a natural dream — something simple and amazing at the same time.

Every stage of our work, from the manual collection of fluff in ecological expeditions to personal attention to the client is our hugge.
Dream of
Treat yourself to the
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healthy sleep.
we will help with the choice and answer the questions
A personal manager will advise on the choice of a sleep product or answer any questions that arise.
Treat yourself
to the
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